Love for nature has always been our passion.. 

Skin Brand was born in 2019 from the fusion of ideas and ambitions between Antonella Bianchi, herbalist since 1994, Manuela Magistro Doctor in Health Management and Medical Sciences and Ileana Ligia entrepreneur and administrator of a well-known company..

Antonella in 1994 opened the first herbalist shop in the heart of the city of Lucca where she carried out the business for twenty-five years, and in the same period she opened three other stores, enjoying success and increasing your knowledge of what the customer in this sector wants. .ole.

There is no price, no school that can replace the experience formed behind a counter serving the customer. These are the words expressed by Antonella..

In fact, it was precisely from this springboard that he decided to make a radical change to expand the range of action on the distribution of a totally natural and Made in Italy product that could reach all of Europe and overseas.

Manuela entrepreneur and consultant specialist in the wellness market, having helped several entrepreneurs to develop and expand their companies, especially abroad, decides to follow the development project, with the aim of allowing an increasing number of people to have access to this exceptional product for tissue regeneration based on Helichrysum. 

Ileana has been an administrator for over 10 years of a well-known company specializing in the production and marketing of water purification plants with ISO 9001 company certification. She has particular care for the quality of the product and a deep-rooted belief in the use of natural remedies for personal

After two years of studies, plans and projects, the first product for giving is born relief to all those people who have skin problems such as psoriasis, ezema, erythema, sunburn, etc. the basis of this ointment is the Mediterranean plant Helichrysum Italicum with known soothing properties on skin redness, skin irritation and cracking. Suitable for everyone including children and pregnant

From this first milestone will follow a series of products always based on Helichrysum Oleolite, jojoba oil and vitamin E which they will soon present with great satisfaction.