Become an expert in Naturopathy and Wellness.

Access our PROFESSIONAL COURSES suitable to take you from zero to professionalism. We will pass on the know-how and knowledge of our experts to you and make sure you are an independent and competent professional in the sector!

Knowing the data of the Skin Brand Academy will allow you to have confidence in yourself in this profession, be authoritative and competent.

Creating wellbeing in our life, and in that of others through nature and science is the key to long life and will allow you to help millions of people to FEEL WELL!


Create professionals who are certain of the data they apply, able to handle any case and solve the problem. Happy and productive and confident in their actions, they create healthy people who will speak well of them to others and will spread their professionalism on an ongoing basis.


Through a series of video courses and easily achievable practical parts you will learn about the basics of the human body, the secrets to better manage it, regulate it and deal with its possible imbalances.

Through private coaching calls we will define how to apply knowledge in order to implement a real profession.

Finally, how to deal with the future development of your business will be the last part covered in the webinars.


Before enrolling you will receive the program for macro areas.

Following registration you will receive the detailed program.


You will be able to access the courses and webinars and individual coachings dedicated to you at any time from any PC or Phone or tablet device.

You will be able to complete your goals and achieve specific certifications.

You will be able to increase your professional CV with these certifications.

You will be able to listen and ask questions about each part whenever you want.

Access to the platform will be unlimited.

You will have free upgrades based on your membership profile, on new product info and courses that come out.

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